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The Athletic Brewing Company is not-your-average brew or IPA. So why should your summer be average? Spice it up with “The Athletic Club.”

Not to mention our athletic ambassadors who proudly support and sport their own Athletic Club Subscriptions, they have all been classified as not-so-average athletes from their own individual accomplishments and journeys. 

I’m Caleb Williams, a not-so-average quarterback, and your 2022 Heisman Trophy Winner. I chose “The Athletic Club” subscription this summer because I love having a low-calorie drink to refuel and refresh me in the off-season. With the season right around the corner, I’m looking for a drink to help fuel me with essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants while still having a good time with my friends and family.

You cannot go wrong with my QB Sneak subscription . Every flavor has the right amount of fruitiness that tastes so good!  My personal favorite, though, is the Trailblazer; it’s a staple drink for every season! Hope you enjoy your not-so-average summer a take a sip at my summer subscription! Fight On!

I’m Malia Manuel, a not-so-average surfer and the youngest surfer ever to win the U.S. Open of Surfing at fourteen. I chose “The Athletic Club” subscription this summer because I love to soak in the sun with these drinks! After a long day out on the waves, I am looking for a refreshing and crisp drink and a subscription service that delivers on my crazy schedule; I can skip or edit whenever I like, and I can build on my own!

My Cutback subscription has my personal summer favorites with my top three Daypack drinks that all punch the flavor. I had to throw in The Ocean Under the Moon because it pairs perfectly with my passion for surfing. Let’s not forget the classic Run Wild, the drink that got me hooked on Athletic Brewing!

I’m J.J. Watt, a not-so-average defensive end and the first-ever player in the NFL to record multiple twenty-sack seasons. I chose “The Athletic Club,” subscription this summer because, after playing ball for so long, I am excited to venture out and try new things. Athletic Brewing allows me to hang out at the pool, with family, or even hang with old teammates and still feel my best! The best part for me is not having to hassle and go to the store when it can just be delivered to my door, so I can stay back and grill it up.

My Tackle Pack has various drinks for your not-so-average summer! I can’t choose just one drink that’s my favorite, but I will say my top three are the Rainbow Wall, Closer by the Mile, and Lemon Lime Daypack. The Rainbow Wall is an electric drink with a nice citrusy flavor that electrifies the tongue! I love sipping the Closer by the Mile drink poolside as it provides me with bright and bold flavors! Lemon Lime is my favorite drink in the Daypack, as it reminds me of a lemon pop on a hot summer day! 

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