The DoorDash Saga

Tuesday, February 14 2023

6:00 AMBill kisses Bethany goodbye as she heads off to work. 
7:00 AMBill finishes listening to the New Heights podcast, gets to work, ready to conquer the day! 
8:00 AMBill receives a beautiful lengthy text from Bethany with excited emojis for tonight with the signature of Happy Valentine’s Day. Bill freaks out and realizes that every year on Valentine’s Day, he surprises Bethany with a customized dinner, and he has NO dinner reservations! He has completely forgotten about the holiday! 
9:00 AMBill has called a handful of restaurants, and all are booked!  Time to order flowers in place of forgetting Valentine’s Day! Through DoorDash! 
10:00 AMBill is freaking out; he has absolutely nothing planned! 
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM 
Bill has no time to look for more restaurants or reservations. It’s time for the monthly check-in meeting. Good News Bethany has received her flowers through DoorDash and sent a picture to Bill! 
1:00 PMBill has a one-hour break for lunch! How can he eat with no reservations? He has to stay back and order DoorDash! He keeps calling, though!
2:00 PM 
Bill needs more time! Between work and long phone calls, nobody has any reservations,
3:00 PMBill has another one hour meeting! The evening is approaching, and he is nervous! He can’t break the 12-year streak of Valentine’s Day reservations. 
4:00 PM 
Bill’s day is almost over, and as Bill throws away lunch, he receives a notification to tip DoorDash; a light bulb pops up! DoorDash for dinner!
5:00 PMBill’s day is finally done!  Feeling good, Bill is prepping to have the DoorDash ready to arrive when he gets home!
6:00 PMBill arrives back home. He sets up the intimate dinner, candles, wine, and glasses.
6:15 PM
Bill’s DoorDash order arrives!
6:30 PM 
Bill is nervous but ready for Bethany’s arrival! Bethany arrives home with flowers intact from her delivery and asks Bill where they will be going for dinner. He closes her eyes and says where the heart is, home! She opens her eyes to the kitchen with Italian food, That’s Amore in the Background, candles, and photos from when they proposed in Italy 12 years ago.  She’s in shock! She says she hoped they would stay home and gives him matching pajamas as his Valentine’s gift! 
6:45 PM
Bill and Bethany eat their spaghetti dinner like there in the Lady in the Tramp. 
They look at photos from their engagement in Italy and reminisce about their lives together. 
7:00 PMBill and Bethany dance the night away in matching pajamas

The bad news is time flies; the good news is that you control it! Don’t let a reservation handle your Valentine’s Day! Be the boss and enjoy that special time with that special someone! Like, Bill! 

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